5 things to look for before selecting Vehicle Tracking System

Who wants to live with a constant fear of Car theft? No one; absolutely no one! The very moment you buy a car which is no less than a prized possession for most of us, that very same moment we all should buy the best Vehicle Tracking System. In fact, it’s not just individuals who need GPS technology in their cars; fleet owners are in dire need of advanced Vehicle Tracking System which offers them complete peace of mind by updating second by second location details of their trucks and buses.
Car Theft - Blackbox- Fleet Management System

While the market is flooded with numerous GPS devices and Vehicle Tracking Systems, one needs to make a conscious choice based on following parameters –

  • Go for Patented product – It’s always wise to choose technology-based products which have been patented by the Government of India. So far, BlackBox is the only GPS device in Vehicle Tracking System category that has got the patent.

  • Innovation & Customization – If you are a fleet business owner, you should go for a product that can be customized as per your business needs. A bespoke Vehicle Tracking System along with Fleet Management Solutions will surely give you more ROI than others.

  • Quality Manufacturing – Choose a product that is manufactured in India and should not be a China production. Indian technology is far advanced and GPS devices produced in India give much better results.

  • Own Data Centre – Since a Vehicle Tracking System is supposed to give you LIVE updates about your vehicle’s location, Ignition Alert and many other things; it’s better to choose that company’s product which has its own Data Centre.

  • Company name matters – Do not forget to check the company credentials before buying GPS Tracking System in India. A company known for its quality and commitment is the one you should choose to trust for GPS based tracking technology.
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