Why Fleet Industry in India needs Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System?

Fleet Industry is the backbone of any economy. And India is no exception. But the fleet Industry of India is facing all sorts of problems ranging from lack of data for Fleet Management to lack of safety about their vehicles and even the fuel monitoring issues. No wonder, a robust Vehicle Fuel Management System will be of big help. 
Right now, India has many offerings in the genre of Vehicle Tracking System and vehicle Fuel Monitoring System. Amongst all of them, BlackBox manufactured by Hi-TecPoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd. stands out for being the only patented product in the category of GPS enabled VehicleTracking System.

BlackBox can be customized with such advanced features that can help in monitoring the fuel consumption. Thus, the device is gaining popularity for its efficient Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System, vehicle load management system as well as Engine Temperature Monitoring System. The company has a team of professional hardware and software experts that are expert in devising bespoke features in their BlackBox so to suit any specific industry needs.

Fleet Industry of India has given overwhelming response to BlackBox. Thanks to this device, now they are able to monitor the fuel consumption in each vehicle of their fleet. The reports so generated help in Management Information System and has given the Fleet owners insightful update about the fuel efficiency of each vehicle. Fuel Theft, which has been such a big eater of Fleet Industry’s profits, is getting controlled through BlackBox.

Additional features like Vehicle Location reports, vehicle operating time monitoring, Load Monitoring are adding on to the ROIs of Fleet companies and they are finding investment in vehicle fuel management system a worthwhile investment.

The latest News from Hi-TecPoint Technologies is that the company is working on an exclusive Fleet Management Software that is going to be a wonderful innovation for the Fleet Industry.
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  1. the best diesel sensor today is digital/analog capacitive sensor from russia..