What Makes Engine Temperature Monitoring System a must-have for your Vehicle?

If you own a fleet of buses and trucks, you may be very well aware of how important it is to install Engine Temperature Monitoring System in your vehicles. A little negligence on the part of driver may cost you in lakhs! But thanks to advanced Fleet Management Software available today that comes with features like Engine Temperature Monitoring System, you end up acting on time before the temperature of the engine climbs danger level.

In case you own just one vehicle or a car, you might not yet have experienced problems with engine overheating. What happens – sometimes – the drivers or you yourself may fail to pay attention to the temperature gauge installed in your vehicle. Simply because these temperature gauge just shows the needle going above danger mark but fail to give any audible alarm! The problem can be addressed by installing an advanced Engine Temperature Monitoring System or an advanced Fleet Management Software which comes with additional or Value-added features of monitoring the engine temperature. This system will not only help you monitor the real-time engine temperature but also make sure to warn you much before the problem arises!
Installing the ETMS designed by a reputed company will benefit fleet owners in many ways especially because they have so many vehicles to take care of –

·         There will be an audible alarm when the engine temperature starts to climb.

·         This system will detect the danger levels of overheating automatically and raise an alarm for quick action.

·         Reputed companies like Hi-TecPoint Technologies have developed many advanced products and services in this genre such that not just the driver but even the vehicle owner gets updated reports through online media. In fact, the owner of the vehicle can watch the daily records of temperature of each vehicle if he subscribes to the fleet management software launched by this company. The same company has developed BlackBox, India’s first patented product in the category of GPS and GPRS Tracking System In India that comes with many extra features. ETMS is one of them.

·         Because a timely alarm is raised, installing an ETMS prevents expensive engine repair and saves the fleet owner from a heavy expense of engine overheating leading to overhauling and heavy capital expenditure.

As such, Engine Temperature Monitoring System is not very costly but one should always invest in the products manufactured by quality-conscious companies. In India, BlackBox and similar products manufactured by Hi-TecPoint Technologies are considered the best in the genre of ETMS.
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