Vehicle Management System – How effective it is!

With so many advancements made in Global Positioning System Technology, tracking and monitoring a vehicle is actually a child’s play today. But Vehicle Management System goes much more beyond just sending you LIVE updates about the vehicle’s location. And if you happen to be a fleet owner operating more than ten vehicles, advanced Vehicle Management System solutions may help you a lot in achieving efficiency and control in your business. Here is how this will happen –

·         Monitoring Fuel Efficiency – Installing GPS tracking devices in your vehicles not just gives you peace of mind but a lot many other benefits as well. Data and updates about the fuel efficiency of each vehicle is one of them. Nowadays, many Indian companies are manufacturing customized GPS Devices which are loaded with Fuel Monitoring feature as well. Thus, you can keep a tab on the fuel consumed by each vehicle; distance travelled etc. and correlate it with other important variables to understand which vehicle/driver is performing below your bottom-line.

·         Monitoring Speed and Driving Behaviour – Fleet owners often suffer heavy losses when the drivers treat the vehicle way too rashly and end up exceeding the desired speed limits. Having an advanced GPS Tracking System installed in your vehicles, trucks or buses is another way of cautioning the driver to drive safe and smooth. These devices are customized to send reports to Fleet owners after the whole trip in which details of speed maintained by the driver and the times when he chose to drive fast will be presented.

·         Vehicle maintenance AlertsVehicle Management System helps the fleet owners in such a way that they get regular updates about what vehicles are due for maintenance, service or repair etc. Engine temperature monitoring system is also an integral feature of many GPS devices which come with complete and comprehensive Vehicle Management Solutions.

Indian technology sector has made remarkable advancements in the field of GPS tracking and many Indian companies are even catering to global clients for GPS devices and Vehicle Management Solutions. Hi-TecPoint Technologies is one Indian company that has won accolades all over the world for its advanced technology-enabled solutions. The company is a pioneer in this field and is coming up with Fleet Management Software as well that will bring all the data and LIVE updates on the dashboard of the Fleet owner. Every minute details will be reported and analysed to help the Fleet owner take profitable decisions.
The company’s flagship product BlackBox and their Fleet Management Software has become the preferred choice of leading Fleet & Logistics companies, Banks, School Transportation companies, Construction companies and OEM Manufacturers.
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