5 ways Vehicle Management System helps in cost-cutting

In times of technology, can Fleet owners afford to incur heavy costs due to unmonitored vehicles? No, they cannot especially when there is so much money and risks involved with badly-maintained and inefficiently managed vehicles! That’s why an advanced GPS Technology-enable Vehicle Management System is the need of hour for fleet companies. There are multiple benefits of investing in GPS technology products like BlackBox which is India’s only patented product in this category. BlackBox is manufactured by Hi-TecPoint Technologies Ltd, a company that specializes in offering customised Vehicle Management system for monitoring the individual vehicles as well as sending regular SMS alerts and updates on the repair and maintenance of vehicles, fuel and services, drivers’ behaviour etc.

There are multiple benefits of subscribing to BlackBox. Talking in monetary terms, any vehicle Management System when comes with customized features help exponentially to improve efficiency, productivity and reducing the overall costs involved with a company's vehicle fleet. This is how it happens –

·         Monitoring Drivers’ man-hours – With an advanced GPS Tracking system in your vehicle, you will get real-time updates on vehicle’s location, movement as well as distance covered. This ways you can keep a track of drivers’ manhours spent on a trip and work on improving or controlling the wasted time.

·         Preventing Fuel Theft GPS tracking system in India now come laced with features that enable you to monitor fuel efficiency as well as prevent fuel theft. Like BlackBox is customized to send alerts every time the fuel lid is opened. This helps fleet companies save a lot of money by curbing fuel theft.

·         Regular Vehicle Maintenance Updates -  Nowadays, vehicle management system sends updates about the maintenance due dates, insurance renewals, engine temperature monitoring and other alerts that help in saving huge money which otherwise was not possible.

·         Vehicle Safety – Fleet companies are forced to spend a lot of money on their vehicle owing to its wear and tear. The careless driving is the main reason for poor condition of fleet vehicles. By installing Vehicle Management system, fleet companies get updates about speed and other driving patterns which are detrimental for the vehicle. Knowledge about it is the beginning of improving the working condition of your vehicle.

·          Operational Efficiency – Vehicle management system helps to forecast the future trends and points out the areas where the company needs to work for improving operational efficiency.

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