How Vehicle Fuel Monitoring System Helps You Prevent Fuel Theft

   Putting a check on Fuel Theft, by monitoring the fuel Level of the tank of vehicle at any given time.
Fuel Theft Alert

  •      Updating the owner about any or all refills done into the tank
  •      Sending immediate alerts to the fleet owner about the unauthorized removal of Fuel of the tank
  •      Updating the fleet owner about the usage of fuel during a trip and the mileage achieved.
   Thereby, the vehicle fuel monitoring system developed by Hi-TecPoint Technologies is the best way to monitor and keep a check on fuel pilferage.

    The company’s flagship device BlackBox and their latest innovation Fleet Management Software, both are the best in their category and are trusted by fleet owners all across India to monitor fuel consumption and keep a check on fuel theft.
   Their Vehicle management solutions converts fuel refilling and fuel consumption information into insightful infographics which play an important role in enhancing the efficiency of your fleet. A small investment in BlackBox can go a long way in increasing your company’s ROI as you save a lot of money by preventing fuel theft and making your staff accountable for proper fuel usage.
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