What all can go wrong without a good Engine Temperature Monitoring System?

The fleet industry all over the world is moving to advanced Engine Temperature Monitoring Systems enabled with GPS tracking technology and you are still stuck at just a good ETMS! Some of you are even wondering why you should invest in Engine Temperature Monitoring System at all. For those who don’t know what all problems and pains can happen without an efficient ETMS or a GPS tracking technology enabled with ETMS; take a look –
Engine Temperature System

·         Since you operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, it is actually impossible to keep a tab on the temperature of the Engine of all vehicles. Missing the alert when the Engine’s temperature rises above critical range can be fatal for the financial health of your fleet.

·         By installing an efficient and advanced Engine Temperature Monitoring System enabled with GPS tracking technology, you are ensuring that the driver doesn’t miss any alerts of Engine overheating. Because such ETMS would sound a beep or send an SMS in case the engine overheats. The abnormally high engine temperatures could cease your engine for a longer time bringing a major overhauling expenditure!
·         Having no ETMS means that you are putting your engine at risk and inviting major repair expenditure in times to come. The commercial fleet owners often worry about the repairs being the foremost overheads that eat up the profits.

·         No ETMS also means that your engine is at risk of all these problems like - coolant loss, hose leaks, malfunctioning thermostat, blockage in the radiator or hose or malfunctioning water pump. In absence of any Engine Temperature Monitoring System, you will never get an alert for all such problems and can never avoid them in time!

Since there are so many benefits of ETMS, why not invest in a GPS tracking device that comes with advanced Engine Temperature Monitoring System and helps you to avoid the problem of engine overheating and stranding the driver in middle of the road. The solution lies in best GPS Tracking system in India Black Box, the only patented product in its category. BlackBox is developed by Hi-TecPoint Technologies which has to its credit the development of Fleet Management Software that comes with many advanced features to help you maximize your business efficiency and control costs.
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